Life to Eagle Process

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Overview of the Life to Eagle process

Currently, less than four percent of all boys who enter the national Scouting program set the goal, follow through, and ultimately achieve the highest Scouting rank of Eagle. To provide guidance for the unique and challenging set of requirements, the Troop has appointed a Life to Eagle Coordinator to support our Scouts in their effort to obtain Eagle rank.

Life to Eagle Coordinator

After a Scout has obtained the rank of Life Scout, a Scout should begin meeting with the Life to Eagle Coordinator to map out his plan to achieve his Eagle.

Coordinator's Role: The primary role of the Troop Eagle Coordinator is to advise the Scout and assist him in working through the Eagle Project process, from developing his project idea, writing his project proposal, and providing assistance in obtaining the required project approval from the District Advancement Chairman. District approval is required prior to the Scout performing any work on the project, including raising funds or scheduling work days. District approval can take as little as 2-3 days or several weeks, depending on the willingness of the Scout to implement advice when offered.

The Eagle Coordinater should be thought of as a Coach, offering advice and direction. However, the Scout may choose not to follow the advice and proceed with the Eagle Project process on their own. This typically results in a much longer Project approval process. It should be reiterated that District approval of the Project is required prior to working on the project.

Eagle Requirements

Eagle Requirements are listed in the Scout Handbook's Rank Requirements and can be found in Scoutbook [Here].

  • The Eagle Project is not intended to take an inordinate amount of time or effort. It is intended to allow the Scout to utilize all of the leadership, planing, and management skills that they have learned throughout their time in Scouting; a capstone event. The Scout will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned.
  • The Eagle rank Board of Review differs from prior ranks slightly in that, in addition to Troop Committee members, a Northern Ridge District Representative is included as a member of the Board, and the review is accomplished at the monthly District Eagle Board of Review and Life to Eagle meeting. The Eagle application must also be approved by the Atlanta Area Council and the National Council.

General Recommendations:

  • We recommend that the Scout complete their Eagle-Required "Personal Management" merit badge prior to beginning their Eagle Project. There are a number of skills, including developing a plan, developing goals, putting a detailed plan on paper and then executing his plan. As with all projects, the Eagle Project is not complete until the final project write up is completed. This is final write up is the last part of this requirement.
  • We recommend Eagle candidates attend a "Life to Eagle Seminar" hosted by the Northern Ridge District. This Seminar will greatly help prepare the Scout for their Eagle Project. The Districts calendar can be found at