Camping Tips + Checklists

Camping Checklists

  • General Uniform and Gear: See our "Uniforms + Gear" page.
  • Summer Camp Info and Checklists: See our Summer Camp Forum on your Dashboard in Scoutbook. Woodruff's Suggested Camping Checklist:
  • High Adventure Outings: See our Forum for the trip in question on your Dashboard in Scoutbook.

Cumberland Caves 2016

General Camping Tips:

  1. Tents: The troop provides 2 man tents and ground tarps for most campouts.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Bring 2 liters of water on all outings. The scout should arrive to the outing drop off location with WATER IN THE BOTTLES.
    • Water bladders are great, but a water bottle is the best. It allows the scout and adult leaders to see how much water is being consumed. Dehydration can easily occur without proper hydration. A scout should use a water bottle for at least the first two years until he knows how much water is needed and can recognize the amount he should be drinking to stay properly hydrated on outings.
  3. Bring a Day Pack: An old school back pack works well for a day pack. Day Packs should include.
    • Water Bottles
    • Items needed during the ride to the outing
    • Light Rain Gear
  4. Feed Your Scout Before a Trip: Most Friday evening departures will not include a stop for dinner. A scout should be fed before being dropped off to go on a troop overnighter especially if the troop is leaving at night. The troop will serve light snacks (cookies and chips), called “Cracker Barrel,” after arriving to camp and camp is set up. This does not mean they will get dinner from the restaurant, Cracker Barrel. A hungry scout is a grumpy scout when having to set up camp before they can eat.
  5. Shoes: Hiking boots are recommended but not necessarily required. A good pair of tennis shoes will suffice until able to invest in hiking shoes/boots. Pack a second pair of shoes in case one get wet.
  6. Backpacking Trips: For those trips where the Scouts will haul their own gear, a hiking backpack can be borrowed until ready to invest into one.
    • A tip to packing these is the heavy things should be on the bottom of the pack so the bulk of the weight is carried around the hips and not the upper back. A large trash bag can be placed on the inside of the pack and everything can be placed in the trash bag to keep things dry from possible rain or dew. A large trash bag can also be used as a rain cover on the outside of the pack.
    • When going on a backpacking outing, the scout should be prepared to add troop gear to their own gear being carried. All troop gear needs to be carried in and this will be distributed among the boys going.
  7. Rain gear: Be prepared, always have rain gear.
    • Find something that is light weight, and packs easy. This will be kept in day back until needed.
    • This does not have to be expensive. Do not rely on a thin plastic poncho to keep a scout dry.
    • Rain Gear can be found on the internet or in stores. For example: Bass Pro Shop has a good selection of Frogg Toggs rain gear which is a jacket and pants. Academy Sports, Walmart, and Sports Authority also have a section of rain gear in the camping section. Rain gear can also be found on-line.

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