Rank Advancement Process

To Submit for Approval: Login to Scoutbook > My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > My Advancement > Select Rank > Check off all Signed Requirements + Upload Picture

How to Earn Rank Advancements:

  1. Completing Rank Requirements:
    • There are many ways a Scout can complete requirements for each of his Ranks. Troop Meetings and Activities often specifically target Rank requirements as does Summer Camp. However, there are many life activities involving family, school, hobbies, sports, travel, service, faith based activities, etc., that will directly lead to advancement requirements and Merit Badges. Scouts should "read ahead" and familiarize themselves with the requirements of each Rank as they may be completing requirements of future ranks without even realizing it.
    • Rank Requirements do not have to be completed in order or sequentially. In other words, Scouts at an early Rank can record accomplishment of requirements for higher Ranks as they are completed, Scouts do not have to finish one rank before fulfilling requirements for higher ranks. Scouts should "read ahead" in the Rank Requirements to be aware of what they may have already accomplished in higher ranks.
  2. As a Scout completes a sub-requirement for a Rank, they should have their Assistant Scout Master (ASM), sign off and date that requirement in their Handbook. At this point, the Scout may also login into Scoutbook to mark the requirement as complete if they would like to track their progress on Scoutbook as well as their Handbook. Entering sub-requirements for a rank is not required, but it will allow the Scout, Parent, and Leader to see their progress as they go. To update your rank progress Login to Scoutbook > My Dashboard > My Account My Rank Advancement > Click on the Rank > Check off each completed and leader-signed requirement.
  3. Once the Scout has completed all the requirements of their next rank prior to Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review, the Scout needs to:
    • Make sure that all of the requirements are signed off and dated by an SM/ASM in their Handbook, and
    • Ask the Scoutmaster for a “Scoutmaster Conference”, usually in the current or next Troop Meeting.
  4. The Scout must present himself in the Scoutmaster Conference in Full Field Uniform (Class “A”) and bring with him his Boy Scout Handbook.
    • In addition to certifying the completion of the Rank Requirements, the conference is meant to develop over a period of time an increasing level of understanding and trust between the Scoutmaster and the Scout.
    • Once the Scout has the Scoutmaster's approval, signature, and date, they should request a Board of Review at the current or next Troop meeting from the Scoutmaster, ASM, Advancement Chair, or Committee Member.
  5. The Board of Review consists of a small group of adults (usually 3, and not including a Scoutmaster, ASM, or their parent) that will meet with the Scout to determine if he has met the rank requirements, is prepared to obtain the rank, and work on the next rank.
    • The Scout must appear before the Board in Full Field Uniform (Class “A”),
    • The Scout must present his Scout Handbook, be prepared to recite the Scout Oath and Law.
    • The Board of Review is not a time to retest the Scout, but to determine his attitude and acceptance of Scouting ideals. The Board talks to the Scout about his Scouting experience, his Scout Spirit, interpretation of the Scout Oath and Law, application of the Oath and Law in his daily life, and any problems or concerns that he may have. The Board will also help the Scout set goals and encourage further advancement. For higher ranks, the Scout may be asked to evaluate his leadership position, service hours, and Eagle Project preparation.
    • At the end of the review, the Scout is asked to leave the room while the Board discusses his achievements. The decision of the Board must be unanimous. It is the Board of Review alone that makes the decision on whether or not to advance the Scout.
      • If members are satisfied the Scout is ready to advance, he is invited back into the room, congratulated for his accomplishment, and notified as to when he will receive his formal recognition.
      • If the Board determines the Scout has not met requirements, they will clearly explain what remains to be accomplished for completing the requirements and obtaining a successful Board of Review. The leader of the Board of Review is responsible for preparing these written recommendations and providing a copy of them to both the Scout and the Advancement Chairperson no later than the next regularly scheduled Troop meeting.
  6. Upon successful completion of a Board of Review, the Scout will:
    • Obtain a signature and date from a member of the Board of Review,
    • Take a picture of that Rank's page of their handbook and save it to a secure place on their device, computer, cloud, etc., as a backup to the Handbook. They may also want to make a photocopy and keep it in a safeplace, such as with their Merit Badge Blue Cards.
    • Login to Scoutbook, and mark that Rank as completed and attach the picture of the completed Rank Requirements Page. To do so, login to Scoutbook > My Dashboard > My Account My Rank Advancement > Click on the Rank > Check off each completed and leader-signed requirement.
  7. The Advancement Chair will be notified via Scoutbook of the completion of the Rank, will review the picture of the Rank Requirements page for signature and dates, request additional verification as needed, and will Approve its completion in Scoutbook. The Advancement Chair will procure patches, pins, etc., related to the Rank Completion. The Scoutmaster will have access to the reports of all advancing Scouts through Scoutbook.
  8. As part of the Closing of that Troop meeting or the Opening of the next regularly scheduled Troop Meeting, Scouts who have passed their Board of Review will be recognized and presented with the insignia of their new rank (depending upon availability). Formal recognition will also be made at the next Court of Honor.The Scout will receive their next Rank Patch at the next practical Troop Meeting or Court of Honor.
  9. Following the presentation of the Rank, The Advancement Chair will mark the Rank as "Presented" in Scoutbook.