Troop Calendar

To view Troop 430's internal calendar, go to

For Visitors wanting to view Troop 430's Camping and Outing Schedule,

navigate to the "Planned Outings" under "Getting Outdoors" in the menu above.

Please go to to view and RSVP your Scout for Outings:

Timely and Accurate RSVP's for Outings are needed to for accurate planning, keeping costs low, and insuring your Scout's ability to participate. Even if you are not attending an outing, please mark your Scout's status as such.

For information on how to access and use, go to the "" page under "Troop Guide" in the menu above.

You can Sync the Troop's Calendar to your personal device or calendar:

You may keep your calendar up to date with calendar additions or changes by syncing this calendar automatically to your personal device or calendar by navigating to > Login > My Dashboard > Events > My Calendar > and clicking on the "Troop 430 Subscribe" button, and then following the instructions given.